Parallel project: body as drawing tool (first thoughts)


A fair part of my current drawing in fact has begun to revolve my idea for the personal project (I like calling it parallel project), so I want to spell out some thoughts on this:
my body as drawing tool (and possibly also as site of drawing)
>> how can I activate that?
>> what does it imply?

>> what is the point for accessing an interior emotional register in such a way (am I not just re-hashing a rather romantic true self/voice debate of being an artist?)
>> what processes of translation/meditation take place in this? E.g. from body movement to mark; from sound to mark; from drawn mark to moving image; from moving image to performance?

The means by which I have begun to do so are a number:

  • short video sketches of myself (my feet, a bit of my dress) hovering just to the inside of a doorframe. (see post on project 1.1 observational drawing)
  • exploring the attendant sensations and feelings that come from this, on the face of it, innocuous practice


  • the role of hearing in drawing: see the post on sound as part of drawing; for this I produced an initial (not very successful) drawing in which I transpose sound into drawing marks and gestures. Following on from that, I have spent some more time listening out to the sounds of the corridor, the room beneath ‘my office’ as well as to listening and attending to what I say and talk about in different spaces across the department.
  • myself in a performative role: i started to draw and photograph in front of others: casually so in front of my new office colleague, then, without announcement in front of my newer still office colleague; then in the new office of a friend of mine (who ended up not leaving the office but being present in the space during an hour or so).
  • I have also started to talk a little to a couple of people who I don’t know well about some of the interventions that I have placed across the department. These interventions will get a separate post but I want to let it fold onwards a little before doing so (but see my IG account for some of the images resulting from this, blog sidebar for link to it).


These initial sketches are not in fact about movement or even ‘commute’ as I had initially mentioned as my parallel project interest. In fact, they draw out the notion of body as drawing tool further still.

Next plans:

  • a first survey of contextual sources, artists, practices (Ana Mendieta, Nancy Spero, Kiki Smith, Franscesca Woodman, also Gordon Matta Clark comes to mind for reasons not entirely certain)
  • a bit more on affective register in the transgression as well as the link between sound and mark (in particular: what are the limits of these transformations)
Installation shot of placement #3, 12 October


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