Reflection and overview of body of work for this module

This, the final, and thus first post to encounter on this blog includes two sections from the overall course document: firstly, a course reflection; secondly, a set of instructions of how to approach this work (both in analogue and physical form) Reflection on the overall module This module concludes with the parallel project: parallel praxis … Continue reading Reflection and overview of body of work for this module

reflection on parallel project and critical review

This post constitutes the final post concerning the durational course work of the parallel project and the critical review. They are completed last and discussed in tutorial 6.   Let’s reflect then: Parallel project — the material is presented here. This changed, looking back from now, remarkably little. Yet: in the final weeks of the … Continue reading reflection on parallel project and critical review

parallel praxis (the parallel project)

This post presents the final outcome of my parallel project during Drawing 2. The project ran indeed parallel throughout almost the entire module and lead to a series of enquiries and projects that ran concurrently, fed into different exercises and then too the assignments. It is concerned with my own body as drawing tool. Early … Continue reading parallel praxis (the parallel project)

timelines: two simple observations

— of course all moving image material primarily works with the temporal within the visual/auditory, so, per se: a video clip will address this part’s remit of exploring different uses, processes and practices around temporal dimensions within a drawing (see early thoughts on this final part here). There are two recent clips that I took … Continue reading timelines: two simple observations

planning ahead: assignment 5

My tutor suggested in early July that I could and possibly should try and go for the November assessment, submitting all materials by end of September. I hadn’t considered doing so, felt much was still missing, and notably, with the part-time teaching post and some family commitments that remain uncertain, I felt I had limited … Continue reading planning ahead: assignment 5

assignment submission 4: hornet tree

This post assembles the recording of an in situ installation, the hornet tree, which took place in the first week of August. It is, in some way still temporary: I am not certain as to what constitutes the actual piece of work, as I described in an earlier post about the status of recording the … Continue reading assignment submission 4: hornet tree

Kwame Akoto-Bamfo (2018) Nkiyinkyim Installation (permanent exhibit), Montgomery-Alabama

i saw this on my feed yesterday afternoon. it stuck for many hours. — some thoughts (which are around representation but then also about what themes to work with): — the rust, the rust: it is weeping, seeping onto bodies long dead and we watch and watch. — the comment thread. it is agitated, people … Continue reading Kwame Akoto-Bamfo (2018) Nkiyinkyim Installation (permanent exhibit), Montgomery-Alabama

the recording of: assignment 4, The Hornet Tree

I have conducted a few more experiments: mending the tears, recording the panel after a few installations, shooting another, fairly long take while moving the poles and the installation. I have the sense that I have clarified a number of questions from the initial set up for me and that I am close to completion. … Continue reading the recording of: assignment 4, The Hornet Tree

hornet tree (1)

  I set it up just after 9am. The capture of the sun and its shadows is good. The openings that were distracting yesterday work interestingly: mainly is dark spots within the light tracing paper; later you begin to recognise the shapes. So it offers an extended perspective, dimension to the material. There are some … Continue reading hornet tree (1)

Screening/ site construction

I continue my experiments with tracing paper in my parents’ garden. For earlier posts see this and this. Before today’s session, I write some more thoughts: The weather is so warm that I struggle to even contemplate moving to the far end of my walk (let along with paper, stands, etc.). So: what constitutes a … Continue reading Screening/ site construction