Tutor report for assignment 3: Green

Here is the report for the third assignment, Green. I have already written down a reflection straight after the tutorial in this post:

Gesa Helms feedback_part_3_GH_DB2

— I asked a series of questions for clarification and so the report required a couple of iterations in the document, which I quite like.

As a reminder for myself, I am copying the items that relate to what comes next below:


We discussed the following, please have a look and analyse in your learning log as part of your critical voice.

Pointers for the next assignment (tutor)

  • I suggested that you maintain your momentum and approach to subject from this part three into part four, exploring notions of glitches, temporality, installation, intervention, video, audio and interdisciplinarity.
  • Consider the successes of your video sketches as a growing part of your visual vocabulary.
  • Think about the relation your drawings/video have to a sensorial experience of the world, and how the viewer will be affected by this.


Strengths Areas for development
Excellent continuing development of cross-disciplinary application of drawing and photography in the use of audio/video Consider how you might develop your video work, integrating aspects from your creative inventions.
Interesting experimental mark-making in relation to the context of the green environment. Utilise the successful aspects of your process of drawing, consider enlarging or creating temporal drawing in the environment as part of interdisciplinary work.
In-depth contextual research and analysis. Continue to develop your thinking here, incorporating analysis of artists working in video and aspects of drawing ambiguity that are relevant.